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More Ethical Bribery!

Okay, I am back with More Ethical Bribery! I know that some of you may say, “Ethical Bribery, what does that mean?” Very simply stated, it means this, I’m going to give you something that is of some value to you, your business or your brand and in return for that gift you do something …

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Ethical Bribery!

Fan Page

It’s been awhile but man it feels good to be back posting to my blog again! I intend to come back with a vengeance this time around. There was a lot of people who were loyally still coming to the blog day in and day out because I have always monitored the amount of views. …

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The Twitter Effect!

If you haven’t yet created a Twitter account then you are really missing out. This service has exploded in growth in the past few months and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.  There are now MILLIONS of users and it’s becoming really mainstream. In fact i see Twitter related sites popping up all …

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The RoboForm Video # 1.5

I know, I know, it has seemed like forever since you guys have received a RoboForm Video. I would give the date of the last released video but that would only make myself look even more like a fool than I already do! I know that there is never any excuses but if you have been reading …

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BooksBonkers CMSI Update!

Okay, so here is the whole gory story of the membership site meltdown! If anyone uses any kind of software on a regular, then they know that there is always frequent updates that are released for any software. So it becomes your job to constantly update your software with the new version. Not actually a …

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Open Letter To All BooksBonkers CMSI Members

I know that you may have been looking for your BooksBonkers CMSI Membership Site. Unfortunately, due to a mishap, by yours truly, there are some serious technical difficulties with this site. It is being addressed very vigorously and I hope to have it remedied very soon. I’m sorry that I never sent out an email explaining …

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The RoboForm Video #1 Is Finally Here!

Sorry that this has been so long in the making. It took longer than I thought. It is my hopes that the next one doesn’t take nearly as long. Anyway you have been delayed enough, so here it is. Please give it ample time to load as it is a very big file! The RoboForm …

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