Open Letter To All BooksBonkers CMSI Members

I know that you may have been looking for your BooksBonkers CMSI Membership Site. Unfortunately, due to a mishap, by yours truly, there are some serious technical difficulties with this site. It is being addressed very vigorously and I hope to have it remedied very soon.

I’m sorry that I never sent out an email explaining that the site was down for some internal repairs but in the midst of this whole unfortunate process all membership information has been lost! So I was unable to email any members. I never used your email information outside of your membership, so I had no backup of your email addresses.

Even all of the BooksBonkers CMSI affiliate information was lost in the process.

I know that some of the former members may decide to not even go thru the minimal effort needed to re-establish their FREE membership and that is fine. For others they may have found their membership to be a great resource to visit regularly or even occasionally. If you are one of the latter then please send me an email at with your username, password and your full name and I will have your membership all set up and ready to go upon completion of the site re-haul.

If you were an affiliate and wish to remain an affiliate then you will have to sign up to be an affiliate all over again once the site has been repaired. I am sorry that I created this inconvenience for all affiliates involved.

Again I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope that all previous members will join again as I have some great plans in store for all members of BooksBonkers CMSI!!!

May All Your Ventures Be Met With Success,

Omarra Byrd

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