Do You Monitor Your Web Hosting Server Uptime?

Not too long ago, I sent out an email explaining about a hectic Sunday morning that I had when every last one of my websites were down. In that email, I expounded on how I happened to accidentally find myself with not a single one of my websites online! I’m not going to get into detail about that now, rather I’m going to share a resource that I think that any one who has a website should be using.

Server up time is a crucial factor when you are paying a premium price for your web hosting account! Even the best web host will be subject to downtime issues here and there! That is just the nature of this business. If you have a web host that tells you that he can guarantee 100% server up time, then I can tell you right now, that they are liars!

So what can you do to stay ahead of the game in this regard? You can use a service that monitors your web hosting server up time. There are two that I have used personally in the past that I will provide the links for. By the way both are FREE. One offers a paid service but for me the FREE version worked absolutely fine. The first one that I highly recommend is:

Downtime Witness

This service can be set up so that you will receive an email when your site is down and then another to notify you once you are back online again. The second one is called:

Host Tracker

They also offer a paid service as well. And they will contact you by email, text message or even both to warn you of server downtime.

This is priceless when you are running an AdWords campaign. You don’t waste your money by not knowing that your site is down. You also don’t piss off potential customers by sending them to a dead URL! As soon as you get a warning that your site is down, you just simply pause your AdWords campaign until you get the message that you are up and running again.

These are the two that I have personally used in the past and I still use Downtime Witness currently. Now a frequent contributor to the blog, with always timely comments, has told me of a service that he has used for many years. So, I have included this one also in this post. You can thank Hermas Haynes in your comments for providing this resource:

Internet Seer

Check all three of them out and then pick one to monitor your site! After all, they all offer their services for FREE. What do you have to lose? Besides a little headache and stress, I venture to guess nothing! More resources to come!

May All Your Ventures Be Met With Success,

Omarra Byrd


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