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Okay, so here is the whole gory story of the membership site meltdown! If anyone uses any kind of software on a regular, then they know that there is always frequent updates that are released for any software. So it becomes your job to constantly update your software with the new version. Not actually a bad thing, just really inconvenient at times.

BooksBonkers CMSI

So the new update for dogs for the membership site was out for a few weeks and I had yet to install it. So here is where I made the blunder that caused the whole thing. Instead of uploading the update file to my server I accidentally uploaded the whole core download. This is what you would download if it was your first time putting this software on your server.

BooksBonkers CMSI

So in essence, I took all brand new files and wrote over my old ones. Erasing all of my hard work in the process! True story. Now, what do you do if you were a member already before and you still want to be a FREE member? Then you need to go to the link below and create a new account.

BooksBonkers CMSI

Once you create your account you can see just how much I have tried to improve this site to make it better! Take your time and explore, leave a testimonial or even become a contributing member by posting a product, audio or video of yours. What ever you do…

May All Your Ventures Be Met With Success,

Omarra Byrd

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