More Ethical Bribery!

Okay, I am back with More Ethical Bribery! I know that some of you may say, “Ethical Bribery, what does that mean?” Very simply stated, it means this, I’m going to give you something that is of some value to you, your business or your brand and in return for that gift you do something for me! The reason why it’s an Ethical Bribery is I am letting you know up front what my intentions are. No Tom Foolery or Shenanigans happening here just in order to coerce you into anything.

But let’s be clear on one thing: I am inherently at a distinct disadvantage in this type of transaction. Why? Because you could just take my gift and never return in kind. I have no way to track that everyone that has come to my Blog and partaken of my gift-giving (Tis The Season and all!) has also done me the enormous favor of going to FaceBook and liking my Fan Page. Hell, you may not even have a FaceBook page. If so, you can use this opportunity to register for one. I mean they are FREE! Not much of a big obligation with that.

Either way I still have something for you. It’s called a QR Code. Never heard of it? If you haven’t, I can pretty much guarantee that you will. The fact that you haven’t heard of it yet just means that this is still emerging technology. Well let me show you one, this may help to jog your memory banks. Hold your horses though, it comes with a story attached to it.

You know how this is the time of the year that everyone’s employer wants to lock you in on your Health Plan for the upcoming year. So they send out all of the necessary paperwork in order to give you less and less each year for more and more money each year! Yeah, that painful process. Well as my wife is looking through the necessary documentation:

Click Once To Enlarge. Click Again To Enormous!

While I’m looking over her shoulder (I know, just rude o_O.) I see it smack dab at the top of one of the pages, Shazam! A QR Code:

Click Once To Enlarge. Click Again To Enormous!

I highlighted it in yellow for all of those who had no idea of what a QR Code was. If you read the above pictured pages first paragraph it will tell you exactly how a QR Code works. Try it with the QR Code in the above picture if you have never done so.

Now, here is the Big Picture: What if you could do this for your product, your business or even your brand! Would your potential customers, partners or just people in general think that you were this forward thinking expert? Wow! That would be huge for you. Wouldn’t you agree?

Okay, me just explaining this whole deal isn’t the actual gift. Although, even though that alone could have been an eye opener for some folks. This is what I’m giving you: The incredible ability to make as many QR Codes for you, your business and your brand as your little heart desires! BAM!

Good deal? Now here is where the ‘brutal honesty that may kill it for me but so what’ kicks in, here goes: I want you to like my Fan Page on FaceBook. You have to go to my Fan Page on FaceBook in order to get access to the link. When you get there, if you don’t already like my Fan Page you will see an offer to get FREE training webinars on every Wednesday night at 9 PM. Do you have to opt in for the trainings? No! Do you need to? Yes! Do you have to ‘like’ my Fan Page in order to get access to the QR Code link that is on my wall? No! Should you do so anyways? Yes! It would be greatly appreciated and it may lead to you getting continuous good stuff such as this, from me, on an ongoing basis!

So go to my Fan page:

Fan Page

And once there, you can do what you like! Hopefully it’s just that: liking. Until my next post:

May All Your Ventures Be Met With Success,

Omarra Byrd

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