Oct 13

For Many Years I Struggled And Then…

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*SPECIAL INCENTIVE JUST ADDED 10/18/2016. SEE IT AT THE END OF THIS BLOG POST!* I remember when I first got started in Network Marketing many moons ago. I was extremely excited, but unfortunately, I was also extremely naive. I probably had the same mindset that most newbie Network Marketers have, “Man, they have no idea …

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May 27

We Are Serious About Global Currency!


Hopefully by now you have seen Video #1 which is the first half of this quick two video series explaining why you need to be building your business Online in 2014. Below is Video #2. But if you have not seen the first video then travel over to that video first now. You can find …

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May 27

You Better Be Building Online…


Just a quick video before you actually GO AND WATCH THE WEBINAR REPLAY. Click below on the picture, for the video to play in another window in full page mode. When the video ends simply close that window and this page will still be open here for you to GO AND WATCH THE SECOND VIDEO! …

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May 22

Is Your Team Prepard To Become True Salespersons?


I saw this advertisement in my news feed a few days ago! And it got me to thinking about being a Leader. I really believe that this is a great idea. And here’s why… In transitioning, adding on, branching out, or however else you want to nick-name it, into physical products it creates a unique …

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Apr 15

[GRAPHIC VIDEO] This Should Make Everyone Stop And Think…

I swear that it hit me all of a sudden like a ton of bricks! It was the beginning of the New Year. Now, me myself, I have never been the one to make any new year’s resolutions. Mainly because of religious beliefs and the way that I was raised as a young child. New …

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Jul 01

Social Media Nightmare… How To Avoid It!

I recently ran into a unique problem on one of my social sites that seems to be plaguing other marketers as well Online. So, what I did was post a video about it explaining in detail how you can remedy this issue if you are having it happen to you as well. Please leave me …

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Jun 13

Engage More Fans!

FaceBook Fan Page Tip

One of the hardest things to do with a Facebook Fan Page is the ability to actually engage your fans the best! Some of this comes down to Facebook’s settings which are based on Facebook being able to generate as much income as physically possible. This becomes a priority once you go public and now …

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