[GRAPHIC VIDEO] This Should Make Everyone Stop And Think…

I swear that it hit me all of a sudden like a ton of bricks!

It was the beginning of the New Year. Now, me myself, I have never been the one to make any new year’s resolutions. Mainly because of religious beliefs and the way that I was raised as a young child. New Year’s was considered to be a Holiday that was based upon pagan belief… but that’s a whole blog post for another day. 🙂

So it just so happened to be a few days before the first of the new year of 2014.

Somehow I come across this video on this little known blog (just by coincidence?) on the Internet. It had a video… I clicked play… I watched and the video that I watched was the very same video that I ended up posting on my Facebook page right >>>HERE<<<.

Little did I know then, the impact that this very short video would have on the lives of so many people. Yet, I should have known…

The Full Video

I should have known because of the impact that this short video had on me. I used to be one of those very foolish people that would text and drive.

Never put much thought into it really. I mean, deep down inside of me somewhere, I knew that it was a crazy thing to do… but it just seemed like when my phone would go off alerting me that I had a text message, I had no choice but to reach for it and look.

That is… until I saw this video. This video changed my perspective about texting and driving forever!

Since January 1, 2014, when I posted this video, it has had over 1 MILLION shares on Facebook.

Can you imagine how many people have viewed this video, at this point, if it has had that many shares?

I have gotten inbox messages from many people thanking me for sharing the video and asking for a way to download it to share with schools, driver’s education students and various other groups.

The Full Video

I later found out that the short four-minute clip that I shared was actually a very small part of a 30 minute short film.

I began to search for it, to no avail, initially. Then one day, I somehow found it. It was in four separate segments, but I eventually got the four segments and edited them into one video, which I am posting the link to here.

All of this in the hopes that it will affect just as many people or even more than the four-minute clip ever could.

Please share this video if it compels you to do so. I did… and look what happened.

But don’t just share the video. I would truly love it if you would also share your thoughts as well below in the comments.

The Full Video

You can download the full video minus my short introduction >>>HERE<<<.

I suggest that you watch the video in full screen mode. I recorded the intro to the video in high-definition so it may be larger than some computer displays.

Make it a great day! And…

May All Your Ventures Be Met With Success,

Omarra Byrd

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    • Dennis Carr on December 30, 2016 at 11:40 AM

    I had two brothers that died sooner than they should have.

    One at 28 do to a alcohol/drug vehicle accident, it was his vehicle and someone else was driving.
    thrown from the car and he was gone for good.

    One at 55, that wasted his early life on alcohol, he quit when a few years before because he was sent to the mental ward near us.. When it awoke the next day and found out they thought he was crazy, he quit drinking and never had another.. But is body was broken so man many times, it could no take the abuse….

    • Ann B on May 13, 2017 at 11:05 AM

    Thank you for finding the full film. I have seen the short clip several times before, and I have seen a slightly longer one with more of the aftermath of the accident shown – but never the full half hour. It’s impact (no pun intended) is, I think, far deeper than just the shock value of the accident segment – showing the aftermath and fall-out of the event.

    People have to learn to concentrate on the job in hand – driving with due care and attention – to prevent senseless tragedies like this one occurring every day on our roads.

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