Social Media Nightmare… How To Avoid It!

I recently ran into a unique problem on one of my social sites that seems to be plaguing other marketers as well Online. So, what I did was post a video about it explaining in detail how you can remedy this issue if you are having it happen to you as well.

Please leave me a comment in the comments below and, more importantly, share this post with your friends and network to show them how to remedy this problem if it happens to them!

Just as a side note, I will be doing a webinar Tuesday July 2nd about using Facebook in the correct manner for business. You are welcome to join us on this webinar. Here is the registration page link:

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Make it a great day, week and month of July!

May All Your Ventures Be Met With Success,

Omarra Byrd

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    • Victor Manning on July 1, 2013 at 11:01 AM

    Hey Big O! Just watched your video. This was an absolute must for you, your family and the rest of us who use social media as a marketplace. Some just go on social media without ever checking the security features and don’t have a clue on how to remedy a problem such as yours.

    I hope everyone we know and beyond watches this video and acts accordingly. Good job “O” and thank you!!


  1. You are absolutely welcome Mr. Manning! Please share this post with everyone in your network. Make it a great day Mr.Manning.

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