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In The Beginning…

In my haste to get to the hospital on the 20th(that was funny to me, cause we were in absolutely no hurry), I ran out of the house and of course, I forgot our camera. So, the pictures that you guys saw on the January 23rd post were ones that the professional photographer(my sister-in-law Rose …

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A Tale of Two Showers!

Hello everybody! I thought that I would post some historic moments in Xavier’s life. Moments that he couldn’t even experience, but had a direct bearing on the creature comforts that he relishes right now. It is a very fortunate thing to find yourself in association with great loving friends and family. My wife and I find …

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Tentatively Speaking!

Hey everybody! Omarra Byrd here, welcoming everybody back to the blog and what has potentially turned into a site that is all about my son Xavier James Byrd. Which honestly, I have no problem with. The only thing is, I built this site as an extension of my business and my main site BooksBonkers.Com. So, …

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Back To Baby Business!

Okay, once again we have another late post. I’ve been trying to catch my naps where I can and post pictures on here whenever Xavier will allow me a few brief minutes. There will not be a bunch of text to read on today’s post but I will post two days worth of pictures. Did …

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Sorry For The Delay!

Well my couple of hours turned into more than that, but I am back now to load some more pictures to the sight of Xavier. By the way, I have yet to give my wife, Crystal Denice Byrd, her proper accolades. My wife was a consummate trooper through this whole process. Unfortunately for her, she …

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My Rant! / Blog Lesson!

Good evening to all. In retrospect there was a couple of things that -in all of my excitement about the baby- I failed to cover in my first blog post. Having spent some time in the  Internet Marketing field, I know that there tends to be a lot of people who just take for granted what …

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The Pictures I Promised!

Here are a few of the pictures that I promised! I tried. In fact I think I did a pretty good job, considering I’m a day early! Well, not exactly. I missed it by a couple of minutes. Give me a break here. These pictures were originally stored as a Bitmap Image. You know that …

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