In The Beginning…

In my haste to get to the hospital on the 20th(that was funny to me, cause we were in absolutely no hurry), I ran out of the house and of course, I forgot our camera. So, the pictures that you guys saw on the January 23rd post were ones that the professional photographer(my sister-in-law Rose Marie Guignard) took on the 20th & the 21st and sent to me in an email.

Well I contacted the photographer’s studio and they graciously allowed me to access their database(she brought the camera over for me to download the pictures on my computer) and borrow the photographs of the whole event. Their a very nice operation. I fully recommend their services. I have their number somewhere… anyway…

So here is the full unedited version(well sort of I took out all the gory c-section photos) straight from the editor’s office(that would be me).

Editor’s note: These video files are larger than the others, so they will take some time to load. Just give them a minute, trust me they are there!

Part 1:

The Video 1

And here is Part 2:

The Video 2

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May All Your Ventures Be Met With Success,

Omarra Byrd

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